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Commercial Office Photos – Ruder Finn

As with many of my commercial clients, Ruder Finn were having a re-vamp of their website, courtesy of London agency, Bloody Big Spider, and they wanted their website to show more of the companies personality through their images. Traditionally, commercial office photos and head shots would be very formal and stiff, that’s what we tried to avoid. Staff and directors carried on with their standard working day, whilst I documented the office and meetings that were taking place, providing the agency with a set of images that reflected the creativity and personality of the company.

relaxed-commercial-headshots-01 relaxed-commercial-headshots-02 relaxed-commercial-headshots-03 relaxed-commercial-headshots-04 relaxed-commercial-headshots-05 relaxed-commercial-headshots-06 relaxed-commercial-headshots-07 relaxed-commercial-headshots-08 relaxed-commercial-headshots-09 relaxed-commercial-headshots-10 relaxed-commercial-headshots-11

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