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Creative Food Photography – Quite Simply French

This wasn’t the first shoot I’ve had for creative food photography, but it was a first having to shoot a live lobster!! It was all for Quite Simply French, a stunning fine dining restaurant based up in Lancaster.

The owner, Robert, and the agency responsible for re-vamping his website wanted their images to be natural and creative, showing fresh produce, elements of the cooking process and the final dish. We all spent a day in the kitchens and restaurant, working through all the produce and preparing several dishes, along with a collection of cocktails. All of the images are naturally lit, and you can see a selection of my favourites from the day below. You can also see how the images were used by the agency for the Quite Simply French website.

natural-food-photography-01 natural-food-photography-13 natural-food-photography-14 natural-food-photography-04 natural-food-photography-07 natural-food-photography-02 natural-food-photography-28 natural-food-photography-21 natural-food-photography-30 natural-food-photography-03 natural-food-photography-06 natural-food-photography-08 natural-food-photography-09 natural-food-photography-27 natural-food-photography-26 natural-food-photography-10 natural-food-photography-11 natural-food-photography-31 natural-food-photography-15 natural-food-photography-12 natural-food-photography-16 natural-food-photography-29 natural-food-photography-17 natural-food-photography-18 natural-food-photography-19 natural-food-photography-22 natural-food-photography-23 natural-food-photography-24 natural-food-photography-25 natural-food-photography-20 natural-food-photography-32 natural-food-photography-05

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